Welcome to Aquadiamonds Soil Polymers.  We sell Super Hydro-Absorbant Polymers, (WATER CRYSTALS), at Discount Rates!!!          Make your own, "Cool Ties" or "Neck Coolers" - See "Projects Page" for details.          Please check out our, 1, 2 , 5, 10  & 55 Lbs. Bags of Aquadiamonds!          If you are interested in bulk orders, 4 - 55 Lbs. Bags - 500 metric tons, please email us for a CIF!

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Old Glory - September 11, 2001 - Never ForgottenSeptember 11, 2001 - Never Forgotten


07/19/07 - The office staff will be away from Thursday, 07/19/07 - Friday, 07/27/07, at which time, no orders will be shipped.

12/19/06 - The office staff at Aquadiamonds will be on holiday vacation from 12/19/06 - 01/04/07.  During that time we will not be shipping orders that weigh less than 55 lbs.  All orders placed in the interim will be shipped immediately upon our return.

07/21/06 - Support Our Troops!  For some time now, many of our customers have been making "Neck Coolers" or "Cool Ties" for our American troops overseas.  You can find complete construction directions and care instructions at, http://www.aquadiamonds.com/neck_coolers.htm

06/15/06 - The office staff at Aquadiamonds has returned from vacation and we are currently filling orders.

05/30/06 - The office staff at Aquadiamonds will be on vacation from 06/02/06 - 06/11/06.  During that time we will not be shipping orders that weigh less than 55 lbs.  All orders placed in the interim will be shipped immediately upon our return.

10/03/05 - Aquadiamonds has returned operations to Slidell, LA.  We are up and running with all of our facilities in place.

8/31/05 - Aquadiamonds has temporarily moved it's base of operations to Baton Rouge, LA.  We are awaiting service restoration in Slidell, LA due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.  God bless our Families, Friends and Customers during this time of hardship.  God bless the generous and kind citizens of our great country.

7/8/05 - Aquadiamonds has moved it's base of operations from New Orleans to Slidell, LA.  Our new mailing address is, AQUADIAMONDS - 230 West Hall Ave. P.M.B 109 - Slidell, LA. 70460-2698 U.S.A., and can be found at the bottom of most pages of this web site.

4/7/05 - Due to the increasing prices of acrylamides 25% in the last 3 months  and fuel, (shipping) Aquadiamonds must increase it's prices accordingly.  We have not have had to raise our prices in 4 years, however at this point we have no other recourse.

12/21/04 - Aquadiamonds will not be shipping orders from 12/22/04 to 12/29/04.  You may place orders and receive support, (email or telephone) during this holiday period.   

  The Christmas Holidays are almost upon us! Aquadiamonds Packs make excellent "Stocking Stuffers" for any Gardening or Crafting Enthusiast and are a Great Bargain. Best of all, the shipping is free to customers in the Continental U.S.!!! 

11/20/04 - Webmasters, interested in a link exchange?

11/20/04 - Today, we just added the "Philodendron" project.

11/03/04 - Its Official! 

  Our family at Aquadiamonds gratefully extend our heart-felt congratulations to President George W. Bush for winning the 2004 Presidential election. We trust that you will keep the fight against terrorism in the forefront for the next four years. With Divine assistance and the efforts of those on the "front lines" at home and abroad, may you keep our homeland safe from further terrorist attacks.

    We would also like to thank Senator John Kerry for his graciousness and dignity in defeat, and placing the good of the United States as a country ahead of anything else through his timely concession. Best of Luck, Senator Kerry in your future endeavors.

10/27/04 - Aquadiamonds has added a FedEx Shipping Tracker to our "Ordering" page.  Click here to check on the delivery status of any FedEx order.

10/26/04 - We will be adding a new group of specialty polymers to this site in the next few weeks.  They will include liquid linear polymers with fertilizers.  We'll have polymers that will block any salts from being absorbed by plant roots, polymers specifically developed for equestrian uses on race tracks and at horse shows and polymers for football and soccer fields.

8/06/04 - Today we added the "Aloe Vera Mix" project.  This is our first demonstration for "wet mixing" Aquadiamonds with a growing medium.

8/05/04 - We have just replaced the 16 and 32 pack bags with, 1 LBS. and 2 LBS. Bags for incredible savings.  We have basically cut our mid-range prices in half!!!

8/02/04 - This morning, we added the "Avocado Plant" project.

8/01/04 - Tonight, we added the "Bamboo Plant" project!

7/27/04 - Today, we just added the "Pathos with Shells" project.  

7/24/04 - Today, we added the "Shark Diver Aquarium" project, that many of you have asked for.  

 7/22/04 - You'll find links to local businesses who's products we recommend, and "Home and Garden" products links on our "Resources" page. 

    7/12/04 - We have just added two new ways to purchase Aquadiamonds!  See our new, 5LBS. and 10LBS. (2-5 LBS.) Bags on our "Ordering" Page!

    We are currently adding to, and updating this website. You'll find a new section labeled, "Projects", where I am adding decorative recipes, the 12oz. Coke, being the first. In the near future you'll be given step by step instructions on how to recreate the items that you see on the, "Display Photos" , Page, and other Displays that you may have seen while visiting our booth at the, "French Market", in "New Orleans!"

    Our old 50 lbs. container is now our new "55lbs. Container".   That's 5 free lbs. to you when you order!

    As of Mother's Day 2004, we now accept credit cards on all sales!      

      Please go to the "Products" page for product descriptions.


Sincerely yours,

Mark Zehring

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