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Philodendron.jpg (180969 bytes) By clicking on this thumbnail, you open a full size picture, in a different browser window, of the "Philodendron". This could be a big help for constructing this project.

Materials Needed:

*Always use distilled, or filtered water*

 Vase - (Volume app. 2/3 Gal.) Fish Bowl Style
2/3 Pack Aquadiamonds.
2 drops of green and 2 drops of blue food coloring
1 Pair hemostats- 10"
Any number of small plastic decorative items
1 small Philodendron Plant
2/3 Gal. *Water*
Large Colander
Large Mixing Bowl
2 Spoons (1 large, 1 small Coffee Spoon, Table Spoon)
1 Pair Pruning Shears
Liquid Plant Food

Preparing the Plant:

1.) Remove plant from growing pot and shake off as much dirt as possible from the roots.

2.) Cut the roots down to 3-1/2", with pruning shears.

3.) Rinse roots well, removing any soil or vermiculite. Now do it again......... and again!  You get the picture!

4.) Soak roots in  liquid plant food and water, for 1/2 hr., in a mixture equivalent to what the plant food's manufacturer recommends for feeding plants.

5.) Rinse roots off with tap water, dry them with a paper towel, and your ready to re-plant in Aquadiamonds!


Directions for Construction:

1.) Soak 2/3 pack of Aquadiamonds in 3 quarts of water, in a large mixing Bowl, for 9 - 12 hrs.

2.) Drain soaked crystals in colander for 1/2 hr. or more.

3.) Fill Vase to, within, 1" from the top with soaked and drained crystals.

4.) Add two drops of blue and 2 drops of green food coloring to the bottom of a dry mixing bowl. With the back of a small spoon, blend the 4 drops together well.

5.) Dump the, soaked and drained, crystals from the Vase into the large bowl.

6.) With your two spoons, toss the crystals, (like a salad), to mix in color well.

7.) Scoop a small amount of your colored crystals back into the Vase.

8.) Very carefully, take the roots of your Philodendron and force them straight down, into the Vase as far as you can go.

9.) Add the rest of your colored crystals to the vase, supporting the plant upright as you do.

10.) With the hemostats, begin placing the plastic decorative pieces in to the vase, one at a time: Start at the bottom, working your way to the top. You're done!


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