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"Aloe Vera Mix"

Aloe20%mixture.jpg (144344 bytes) AloeVeraRoots.jpg (114580 bytes) By clicking on these thumbnails, you open a full size picture, in a different browser window, of the "Aloe Vera", and "Aloe Vera Roots". This could be a big help for constructing this project.

Materials Needed:

*Always use distilled, or filtered water*

1 Glass Vase 8" W X 6"H (Any wide mouth candy dish will do.)
1 Small potted Aloe Vera Plant (They tend to grow fast.)
1 Bag Scott's Potting Soil for Cactus and Succulents* - 4 dry qt.
2 teaspoons of Aquadiamonds.
1 pint of *water*.
1 large mixing container.
1 mixing bowl - medium 1 qt.
1 colander - small.

Preparing the Plant:

1.) Remove Aloe Vera plant from it's container and break away a fair amount of dirt from it's roots.

Directions for Construction:

1.) Soak 2 teaspoons of Aquadiamonds in 1 pint of *water*, in a medium mixing Bowl, for 9 - 12 hrs.

2.) Drain soaked crystals in colander for 10 minutes.

3.) Add soaked and drained crystals to your vase. (You only want to take up 20%, or 1/5, of the vase's capacity or total volume!)

4.) Add Cactus Mix* to the vase, leaving a good 2" of room, or fill vase to within 2" from the top.

5.) Dump contents of vase into large mixing container and, with your hands, blend the soaked crystals and Cactus Mix* together well.

6.) Prime the vase with a small amount of your new mix and add the Aloe plant's roots, supporting the plant with one hand.

7.) Carefully add the rest of the new mix to the vase, maintaining your plant steady and straight.

8.) Grasp the plant, just above the roots, and gently pull it up about 2" out of the mix. (This plant should support itself easily.)

9.) With a moist paper towel, clean up the remaining 2" inside area of the vase.

10.) Fill the vase to the top with dry, unmixed Cactus Mix*. You're done!

Note: I water my, "Aloe Vera Mix", plant once every 10 weeks!  I live in a humid, sub-tropical climate. Watering is affected by environment.  When watering, water it slowly, observing the water making its way down to the bottom.  There should be NO standing water left on top when you are finished!  Remember, this plant has no way to drain itself.


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