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"Bamboo Plant"

Bamboo.jpg (144475 bytes) By clicking on this thumbnail, you open a full size picture, in a different browser window, of the "Bamboo Plant". This could be a big help for constructing this project.

Materials Needed:

*Always use distilled, or filtered water*

Vase - small (7"H X 3-1/3"W)
1/5 Pack Aquadiamonds.
1 qt. *Water*
3 small Bamboo Plants.
Large Colander
Large Mixing Bowl
1 Pair Pruning Shears
Liquid Plant Food

Preparing the Plant:

1.) Remove plants from growing pot and shake off as much dirt or gravel as possible from the roots.

2.) Cut the roots down to 3-1/2", with pruning shears.

3.) Rinse roots well, removing any soil or gravel.

4.) Soak roots in  liquid plant food and water, for 1/2 hr., in a mixture equivalent to what the plant food's manufacturer recommends for feeding plants.

5.) Wipe bamboo, stems & roots, down with a moist sponge containing a couple of drops of dishwashing soap.

6.) Rinse well with tap water and dry with a paper towel.

Directions for Construction:

1.) Soak 1/5 pack of Aquadiamonds in 1 quart of *water*, in a large mixing Bowl, for 9 - 12 hrs.

2.) Drain soaked crystals in colander for 1/2 hr. or more.

3.) Fill Vase to the top with soaked and drained crystals.

4.) Force bamboo plants all the way down into the bottom of the vase, one at a time.

5.) Pull up, a little, on the plants, just to get the roots to turn, pointing down, in the Vase. You're done!


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