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"Shark Diver Aquarium"

Shark Diver.jpg (128356 bytes)   By clicking on this thumbnail, you open a full size picture, in a different browser window, of the "Shark Diver Aquarium". This could be a big help for constructing this project.

Materials Needed:

*Always use distilled, or filtered water*

1 - Small Bag of Aquarium Stones - Large
1 - Pair Hemostats 10" or Longer.
1 - 12" Fish Bowl (Capacity 1 Gal.) 2 sides of bowl are flat.
1 - Pack Aquadiamonds.
2 - Drops of blue food coloring.
1 - 2  Packs "Sea Floaters.*" (*Glass fish connected to glass balls with monofilament line. Can be found in most craft stores.)
1 - Pack Plastic Sea Grass. (Found in any pet shop, pet dept. etc.)
1 - Set Magnetic Diver**. (2 Pieces connect with magnets.) **
1 - Set Magnetic Shark**. (2 Pieces connect with magnets.)**Shark & Divers Sets can be found in (High End) Aquarium Stores. Mine were purchased at a "Super Walmart"
1 - 6 quart bowl or container.


Directions for Construction:

1.) Soak 1 Pack of Aquadiamonds in 5 quarts of *water* in a 6 quart bowl for 12 hours.

2.) Add 2 drops of blue food coloring to soaked Aquadiamonds and stir in well.

3.) Add mixture to fish bowl until level is 1" from the top.

4.) With hemostats, hold tightly, and force aquarium stones down to the bottom of fish bowl.

5.) With hemostats, hold the aquarium grass tightly at the bottom - root and force into fish bowl, pushing the root down to the bottom and in between the stones.  Grab tips of grass, with hemostats and fan out evenly.

6.) Open "Sea Floaters" box, or boxes, and remove the fish that you want to use. Cut off monofilament line at the fish's halyard, or "loop".  One at a time, hold fish firmly with hemostats and force into fish bowl, placing them strategically throughout the bowl. (Remember - The Shark & Diver have to fit in there too!)

7.) With hemostats, grab the head part of the magnetic shark.  Force shark head into the left side of your fish bowl and down a couple of inches, making sure that the shark head's magnet is up against the left side of the fish bowl.  With your hand put the tail end of the shark onto the outside of the left side of the fish bowl. (It should practically jump out of your hand.)

8.) On the right side of the fish bowl, follow the same steps for inserting the Diver.

9.) Now step back and look at your project. You'll probably have to make some adjustments, moving things around, etc., but it is easy using the hemostats!

10.) Add as much ,of the soaked Aquadiamonds, from your bowl, as you can, to finish filling your fish bowl. (If you wanted to float a candle in this project, don't add more soaked Aquadiamonds until you've tried adding your candle!)


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